Sosua, Dominican Republic (pt. 2)

A buddy of mine had read that Sosua was infested with prostitutes. While infestation is a strong word I must say that it was pretty accurate. While walking down the street during the daytime women actually walk up to you and call you Papi, grab your hand or offer you a massage.  As the sun begins to set they become more aggressive you might be walking down the street and women will Cat call you pretty much the same way construction workers to women in the US. Our first evening there he met to chicks on the street we were just walking minding our business, they stopped us and started talking. I found myself leaning up against a wall with a young Dominican chick grinding her ass against my pelvis. Fair skin short sexy huge breasts, I turned her around and felt her boobs she didn’t complain so I took a step further and popped one out and rubbed her nipples.  My Spanish speaking abilities are limited I asked her the magic word “Quanto” which means how much. She took out her cell phone and type in 1500 what that meant is that to have her it would cost 1500 pesos. That’s when I realized that all the stories Ive heard prior to my arrival were damn accurate.

I told my friend that since it was our first day in Sosua that I was in recon mode and I wasn’t doing anything. Well we ended up going to the club called Classico which is like the main spot where all the Chicas go in the evening. Classico has two levels the first floor is pretty much a bar which is pretty large and shaped like a square with the bartenders in the center. Upstairs there is a club which opens at 11 PM. There was a small fee to go upstairs women are allowed to go up for free. Once paying the fee and going upstairs the first thing I noticed was that it was extremely crowded. There were about 5-6 women for every man while walking through the crowd to leave the not always getting grabbed and grouped by the women in the crowd. My cock was getting grabbed my ass was getting grabbed, I must admit it felt very strange. I ended up finding a safe area by the bar where I was out of the main crowd. My buddy was next to me after about three minutes a chick came up and started talking to him, two minutes later he looked at me and said “hey I will catch up with you later” and he disappeared in the crowd with the woman. As I stood there I watched herds of women walk by tight pants, tight shirts with boobs popping out, miniskirts you name it. A chick walked up to me and started grinding on me she was short dark skin and sexy, her boobs were gigantic. She spoke no English but she was able to communicate well enough to me know that she wanted to fuck.  I said the magic word “cuánto” she took out her cell phone and typed in 2000, I knew from the short briefing I got from some friends in Sosua that 2000 pesos is a little high. I took the cell phone I shook my head no and typed in 1500 and gave the phone back to her. My next question was “DONDE” which means where.

She pointed kind of through the wall or next door I nodded yes and she led me out of the club. My concern was I was not going with her to her home or anywhere strange where I would be in a bad environment. We walked out of the club and then into a bar next door, she spoke to the bartender and Spanish she asked me if I wanted a beer, I gave the bartender 20 US. The bartender gave us two beers and a key.  We then walk through a door behind the bar went up two flights of steps and there were like hotel rooms. She opened the door and we walked in and was a small room with a bathroom, a ceiling fan, and the bed. (I will give details of my counter with Anna later on in the members area of course!) That was my first encounter after which I decided to go back to my hotel room which was easier said than done. It’s about one o’clock in the morning the streets crowded him in a foreign country and I’m trying not to look lost because I can’t find my damn hotel.

Eventually I made it back to the hotel after being pursued by bands of prostitutes. I went to my friend’s room to check to make sure if you made it back safely which he had. We had a quick debriefing of our encounters and I went to my room and hit the sack.

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  • Majixxx

    Sounds like a great trip. When are you posting more adventures???

  • marketiva

    Nice! great information you write it very clean. I am very lucky to get this tips from you. :D

  • sts

    You post awsome articles. Bookmarked !

  • This story had a few good thoughts, but I’m going to email it to my co-worker and see what they think. I’m always getting stuff in my email from them, so I might as well share some cool things I find. Thanks,

    L. Shany

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  • Cindy

    I’m a female and I just returned from DR (Puerto Plata to be exact) on vacation with 4 of my friends. Not only is the prostitution rampant in Sosua at night but it is DISGUSTING. How lame do you have to be to pay for pu$$y? No REAL man does that. Sorry.

  • bill

    Sosua is heaven on earth. I have been to Rio and San Jose but Sosua is so much closer and so much cheaper. In the day time the girls are on the beach. Just hang out in the back area and offer to buy a 50 cent beer to any girl you like. All you have to do is make eye contact and they will smile and walk up to you. At night go to the disco strip. It is a block long with bars on both sides. Don’t get hitched up with any girl prematurely, take you time every night. Go to the Disco Classic after midnight. Don’t fall in love until your last day or two there. You want to try a few girls out. On your last day you can let let yourself fall for one girl so you have a special memory to take back.

    Warning: If you go there… you will be crying all the way back for having to leave. You will be crying all week when you get back because you left. After Sosua, you will hate American women forever and will be counting down the time till you next trip back. Sosua is the way it should be. American women should all die.

  • bill

    Don’t pay more then 1,000 pasos. I paid as little as 700 for a hot babe.

    Best part is that all these girls are nicer then any American women you will ever meet. One trip to DR and you will never want to waste you time dating American women. It is better to save your take money an fly down for a weekend every month.

    American women kid themselves if they don’t consider themselves the biggest prostitutes on the planet with their Alimony and Childsupport. At least Domican women are honest.

    I will take a Domincan Chica over an American Bitch any day.

  • Shawnj

    Hey guys, I am going to sosua in November. I do not want to do a all inclusive resort I want to be around the people of DR. I want to be around Classico know of any safe places?

    • The Bad Boy

      I’m going in November also there’s a nice spot around the corner from classico
      Terra Linda Resort
      Its a new place with LCD’s in the rooms, nice pool, bar, free breakfast in the morning.
      Rooms are about $60 and you can bring all the chica’s you want.
      Check out the website

      • shawn

        how is it during the day? are there atm’s there?

        • The Bad Boy

          It nice during the day also the chica’s will still try to stop you while your walking down the street and try to get you to spend some “time” with them ;-) There’s a bank that’s walking distance were you can get pesos from the ATM and swap your left over pesos for US currency when you are leaving at a decent rate. DO NOT exchange cash with the dudes on the street waving money you get a better rate at the bank.

      • shawn

        i’m good, i got out of the casa reservation and i will be at the terra linda

  • shawn

    shit….i just booked myself at casa marina beach.

  • Royalty

    The Bad Boy,
    What hotel did you stay at?

    • The Bad Boy

      My first time there me and my buddy stayed at Casa Marina resort we didn’t know you could not bring Chicas back to the rooms. We ended up getting a rooms at Terra Linda for about 3 days which worked out well. You live and you learn they say. From here on out Terra Linda it will be the place is beautiful and its close enough to the strip. I’m outta here Nov 3rd and I can hardly weight. When I went last time my luggage arrived a day after I did which sucked to holly hell. My ass was roasting and I was pissed, when I left home it was in the 30′s and in the DR it was 80-90.

      • Royalty

        I hear you Bro, I’m going to Sosua in January and that is all I think about man. Guess I need to book my room at Terra Linda now to secure a decent price. thanks for the info.

  • Gmoney

    New Garden Hotel is a great choice in Sosua. They have some new rooms, girls on the premises if you are feeling lazy and a nice pool all set in a great location

  • Edluv

    New Garden Hotel
    Calle Dr Rosen #32

    rates start at $55/night includes breakfast

    one block from main strip (Pedro Clisante)

  • shawn

    i am thinking about going to DR in early march but all linda terra is booked hardcore. i am gonna check out new garden and see what happens.

  • astromax

    Sosua’s prices are very high. Costa Rica is much cheaper, not in the bars or clubs, but in local Massage Parlors where it’s $30/40 hr. Many of the same MP girls also cruise the bars or dance in the clubs at night where their quanto is $80/100. Sex in the MPs is part of CR’s culture so it’s tolorated. So, cruise the night and hunt for something spectacular. Then cruise the MPs the next day and look for familiar faces. There can easily be a half dozen MPs walking distance from a hotel.

    • The Bad Boy

      In Sousa I’ve notice that the prices can vary but I usually pay around 1500 pesos ($40us) for Chica’s I’ve been places out of the city where the girls were 1000 pesos ($26us) and the performed like I was paying 3000 pesos LOL. There’s a spot called Rio Verde where the chicks are 1000 pesos I had a great time there on my first visit to DR and it still puts a smile on my face.

  • Shawn Hilton

    I`ve been to Sosua a few times but I rent villas instead of going to hotels, I like to have a private swimming pool. I rented this one last time: and had a good time with my buddies. I do pay US$100 to the chicas because they deserve it and many come from Santiago, need to pay hotel and bus fare.

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