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Passions of Sosua is closed indefinitely

Here is an article relating to the closure


A few visitors have done searches asking about Passions in Sosua.

First off here is the link to their website

Before I get down to the nitty gritty believe it or not Passions has a menu.  This menu is not for drinks, its not for food …. its for the services that the women offer.  The menu contains everything from appetizers to full course meals.

When you enter passions it looks like a very nice strip club, I love the large area with the dancer pole in the middle with a huge “C” shaped Plexiglas fish tank that is actually the bar.  Have a seat grab a Presidente before you take your second sip I can guarantee you that you will have at least two women in front of you.  One thing I will mention about Passions is that the women do not attack you like the Zombies on The Walking Dead they are more classy than in other establishments.  They will ask you if you’d like to see a menu and it goes on from there.

The manager’s name is Louis and he speaks good English and will help with any translations between you and the woman or women of your choice.  If you are new to the Dominican Republic experience Passion’s is a good place to start.  I met some guys on my last trip that prefer game preserve mongering, meaning they like controlled environments with set prices and women on hand.  I can do my thing in either environment I’m a fan of Passion’s but I’m also at home scoping out a PYT strolling down Pedro Clisante street in Sosua.

If you want just a massage that’s 1300 pesos which is about 35 American dollars. If you want full-service which is 2500 pesos which is about 65 American dollars. The girls are top notch women they’re sexy, good sense of humor and are very beautiful. I have had experiences with three women from Passions each of the three were outstanding. For the 2500 pesos you stay on site they have rooms that are upstairs at Passions. You go upstairs to a room that is like a studio apartment nice and clean, she might put on some music then she’ll take a shower and then you’ll take a shower.

After you are all fresh and clean you will probably get a short massage if you wish and then the fun begins .  As I mentioned above OUTSTANDING performance by these women.  My traveling buddies say the same thing about the women that they have been with from Passions.  Even if you don’t partake in the offerings of the women on hand stop buy and have a brew or two and check it out.

There is a place you will pass on the way to Passions called CMP (Caribbean Men’s Paradise) if you go in there you will get swarmed like a Zombie attack LOL, this place is NOT on the same level as Passions and is more expensive for an experience that is not on par with Passions.

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  • SirMarjAlot SirMarjAlot

    Yes I recently experienced Sosua and Passions for the first time
    Passions has some lovely women working inside and each night there seemed to be some different ones working. Spent 4 great nights in mongering in Passions.

    • The Bad Boy

      Yes Passions is a great experience, I make it my business to go there at least once a day when I am in Sosua and the women are lovely. Did you hang out at Classico?

  • Jolly

    Are they open every day?

  • Curtis

    If you have the money, Passions is the only way to go. The girls on the street can be alot cheeper but you get what you pay for. (CMP is a rip off) Back to Passions: Ashley is a pretty girl with a beautiful ass to match. Took her to dinner,fun to be with, speaks enough english good gfe. She wasn’t happy being woke up in the middle of the night by my hard on but she took care of it. In the morning round three lasted past the 10 oclock end time but she is not a clock watcher. Very Sweet Girl…(I LOVE YOU tonight)

    Maria, love her big beautiful firm tits. This is a very pretty girl. I know everyone likes something different and I’m not normaly a tits man but god you have to love hers. Not much english and her bj kept fealing some teeth. If someone speaks spanish “PLEASE” take Maria and explain to her that those teeth start to hurt. If it was’nt for that, I would have kept her another day.

    Ismarly, Cute, thin, perky tits, small ass, light brown. She was the best GFE. Not much english but it didn’t matter. She was all about pleasing me. Took her to Porta Plata, dinner and casino, we had fun. I had fun playing with her in the back of the taxi on that long dark ride there and back. She likes to snuggle and rub and always shows interest, even if we couldn’t speak the same language we got along great. If you like to take pictures, she’s not camera shy. Full nude never a problem.

    These are some great girls, I hope this helps, please treat them right.

    • The Bad Boy

      Excellent write up!!
      Passion’s is the cats meow and they always have high quality women. I’m trying to get back out there in a few months.

      I’ll say one thing most of the women in the Dominican Republic are masters of GFE. For those who don’t know GFE is Girl Friend Experience

  • I remember when passions started out.. it was just a little bar in front of a place called The Blue Dolphin. It’s come a long way!

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